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    One Portal, but only one record =(?


      So have set up a "Record Selector" style portal that is fed data via another portal that is embedded in a Slide control.  So the user selects a name from the filtered list.  Clicks a button that's placed over the portal row and there info is then placed into the portal on the left.  I'm only able to have one persons name posted into the portal even if i select a different name.


      Record Selector Help.GIF

      Any ideas?

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          Johan Hedman

          I would save that unique portal records ID into a Global Field in your table and then have a relationship from that Global Field to Persons table and you will get that person information

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            Markus Schneider

            You want to have Victoria from the PopOver below Elegn in the main portal?


            - select the UUID by script, needs a button in the portal row in the PopOver

            - go to the base TO (layout) of the main portal (all by one single script...)

            - add a new record

            - have UUID entered in the specific field

            - commit

            - go to the original layout


            -- if there is a releationship between TO in the main portal and the PopOver portal (via UUID), data should be visible after

            -- You could gather all data from the PopOver portal as parameters (ie list-function) and fill all into the main portal, no relationship needed