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Help with purging fields based on a CSV file

Question asked by deathrobot on Jan 23, 2017
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Hi. I have a CSV file of email addresses that are no longer good, and need to find and delete these addresses from my FM database. In the database, email addresses exist in a PEOPLE table in one of two fields; emailAddress1 or emailAddress2. I have started scripting the process but am wondering if there is a better way to accomplish this. As of now, I am doing the following:



1) Import CSV into a table called EMAILVERIFY

2) Open two hidden windows; one on a simple layout for EMAILVERIFY and one on a simple layout for PEOPLE

3) Loop the following

  ⁃ Go to the EMAILVERIFY window

  ⁃ Go to the first record in EMAILVERIFY and set a variable to the email address

  ⁃ Go to the PEOPLE window

  ⁃ Search for that email address in the field emailAddress1. If found count is “1”, clear that field

  ⁃ Do the same for the field emailAddress2

  ⁃ Go to the EMAILVERIFY window and delete that record



This certainly works but is a lot of bouncing around between windows. Is there a more elegant way to accomplish this? Thanks for any help with this.