Tooltip text with brackets deleted/reverted if I forget quotation marks

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Jan 23, 2017
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Often when I'm adding a tooltip, I'll type it directly into the box on the inspector instead of opening the calculation editor. (This also applies to the Placeholder Text box and the Hide Object When box, however I don't encounter this issue since I don't usually enter plain text into those like I do with tooltips)


If I forget to put the quotation marks around a non-calculation tooltip and there are brackets (e.g. "enter name (first)"), I get an error, "This text constant does not end with a quotation mark" or "This function cannot be found".


The text I just entered is now gone from the Tooltip box, so I can't even look at how to correct it. Sometimes I write a fairly long tooltip and it is frustrating when that text is lost and I have to compose it again. (This also applies if I try to type an actual calculation into the tooltip/placeholder text box and my text contains a syntax error.)


This behaviour is inconsistent with similar situations, where the text is not lost if the user forgot to add quotation marks to a plain text entry:

- If I forget to put the quotation marks around a non-calculation tooltip and there is no formula-like punctuation (e.g. "text"), it quietly adds quotation marks around my text, as expected

- Text with logical functions and other punctuation entered without quotation marks (e.g. "live & let live", "to be or not to be", "text.", "live; die", "life = taxes (or death)") is faithfully ignored and quotation marks are added around the text if omitted in the Tooltip/Placeholder Text.

- In Layout mode, typing "enter name (first)" without the quotation marks into a button bar button label produces an error, but leaves the text in the box and returns the cursor to the box so the user can edit it.

- In the Script Workspace, typing "enter name (first)" without the quotation marks into the "Title" or "Message" box of a Show Custom Dialog script step dialog will highlight the text "enter name" and display an error that "This function cannot be found", and when the error is dismissed the cursor is returned to the textbox.

- If a  field is copied from on file to another and its calculations reference fields that are not present in the target file, it is surrounded with /*  */

- The "Hide Object When" box in the Inspector will add quotation marks around any text (including if it looks


It would be much better if, instead of reverting the text, it either surrounded it with quotation marks (like it does for apparent calculations like "life = taxes (or death)") or returned the cursor to the box with the erroneous text intact and requiring the user to either correct the text or delete it (they could use Undo to revert to the previous value).


I realize there are various 'workarounds', but given that FMP is intended to have a low barrier to entry, removing this frustration would be nice.


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