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Script for Related Set help please

Question asked by peakest on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by peakest

I need help with a script to create or import new records in a new table.  Each TAKEOFF DATA row has an ID_Build which is related to one or many related BUILD DETAILS.  I need the BUILD DETAILS for each TAKEOFF DATA ROW.

Here is the Table Occurrence Graph for these tables.

TOG Extended Takeoff.png Takeoff.png

The TAKEOFF DATA is needed to get each TAKEOFF DATA row's BUILD DETAILS (through the related BUILD) as script/import/lookup.


Here are the BUILD DETAILS:


Here is the target table for the import/script new records Extended Takeoff Details (shown from Excel):


I am at a loss in finding the IDf_BuildDetail(s) for each IDf_TakeoffData via the related IDf_Build.