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    Find Operation Getting Slower


      Hi Guys,

      I am having trouble with Find Operation getting slower and slower each day. There are some design consideration as per some articles i have read recently which i will be doing as well.

      I inherited this solution from another developer, Find is based on some Calculation fields which are based further on some other calculation fields (both calculation fields have 'Do not store results' option checked)

      I know its not the best of designs, i wanted to ask for any possible improvement to Find process as its getting clumsy now.

      I have indexed relevant fields, records are only around 2000 with approx 50 fields in the table.

      Can PSOS be used in Find Operation?

      Is there any other thing i must do at the beginning.

      Thanks much,

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          Johan Hedman

          If it gets slower and slower, I guess it have to be that you are creating more and more records. But it could also have something to do with your FileMaker Server.


          Is your FileMaker Server a dedicated server, meaning there is no other software installed on that computer? Do you have index on that computer? Is there a anti virus running on that computer? If there is No on all three those questions, then it is your solution that you need to work on. If there is any Yes, you need to make sure you get all three No.

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            Hmm, well the records aren't that much. only couple of thousand records shouldn't slow down the find this much.

            Regarding FM Server, it is a dedicated server, I have indexing running on fields but Unstored Calculation obvioulsy can't be indexed. Anti Virus is not the problem, because its only the search getting slower, rest of the operations are running okay.

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              Johan Hedman

              I did not mean indexing on field, I mean is the computer running indexing on your computer. If so, then your database is also a part of that indexing and that might get you a corrupt database that might crash and are going to slow down your FMS. Anti-Virus will be a problem if it is search for virus on your live database. If so, then your files might get corrupted and crash.