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    User Login blocked ??


      I am having trouble getting users to login... seems to only be preventing anyone other than [Full Access] from logging in.


      When I login with the non full access accounts the message I get is...


      "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action."


      Has anyone had this problem... Can anyone help figure this out?


      Filemaker 14/15

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          Sounds like it's working exactly as you set it up to work, but not as you want it to work.


          Logging in with the limited access credentials and then attempting to do something that the current privilege set does not permit would result in that error message--which is fully consistent with what you describe.


          Keep in mind that any script that has been triggered by the user--such as an OnFirstWindowOpen performed script will also be subject to the same limitations unless you grant the script "full access privileges"--a setting you can specify inside the scripts work space for a given script.

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            Agreed philmodjunk... I do have a script set OnFirstWindowOpen... the get the user to the desired layout and I did grant the script full access privileges... but even with removing that script I got the same message.


            Does this mean I have to grant full access privileges to all script and then allow the privilege set to be all modifiable for scripts??


            Learning as I go... thanks for your help.

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              No, it just suggests that something else is the source of your error message. If you have FileMaker Advanced, try the following:


              1. Launch FileMaker Advanced without opening this file
              2. Enable the script debugger
              3. Now open the file with limited access credentials. You will be asked for full access credentials at this point. By entering full access credentials, you permit debugger to run, but file still opens with limited access.
              4. Step through the script and note exactly where in the process you get this error message. (There could be some other script that runs that produces this error plus even "full access" scripts can trip this error if running afoul of access restrictions set on data from a different file--such as the data file when running a script in the interface file of a "split" file solution.


              Note that while I am guessing that a script is the culprit, there are other possibilities, such as the file opening to th wrong layout or a tab order that tries top automatically put the cursor into a field for which the user does not have access.

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                Thanks... I will give that a try. Very helpful.