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    how to "sudo" tab to a calculated field by using find (next field)



      how to "sudo tab" to the next calculated field by using find

      I've been compiling a list of substitute strings by virtue of a "go to next" loop only to  discover calculated fields are ignored even with tab order set.

      It's tedious to construct the whole substitute string manually .



      apparently *  by inference tab order does apply to calc fields when in find mode.

           so I'm thinkin how can i "find next field" instead of "go to next"



      Selecting a field in Browse mode or Find mode

      *   "In Browse mode, you can't press a key to select summary or calculation fields.

              In Find mode, you can't press a key to move into summary fields."




      When compiled, my substitute function works  as expected except for calc fields being ignored.



      "Substitute (textField::name;

      [\""&Get(ActiveObjectName) & "\"; " & Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName )&"];



      ....  approx 40 substitutions  > only a few are calculated fields