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    Problems with Charts


      Hi all.


      Two problems here.

      1. I have fields set to 0 or 1, boolean style, in my layouts. There I can have them formatted as Boolean and they show as Yes or No, but I done see this possibility in a chart...is that so? I wanted those 1 and 0 at the top displaying yes and no, or positive and negative...
      2. If a record has a null value, not zero, in this field, there this 0 and 0% you see in this pie...any chance I can prevent null or empty values to display?

      Captura de Tela 2017-01-23 às 18.46.59.png


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          Perform a find that excludes records with empty values if this chart is based on a found set sorted to use summarized data.


          Note that specifying a lone = in a field with the Omit option specified will omit all records where that field is empty.

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