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    FileMaker Pro as a Server and Cable


      I was using FIleMaker Pro to serve files to my iPhone for testing and the results were terrible. The iPhone kept dropping the connection, etc.


      A lot of people use FileMaker Pro to serve a few clients rather than invest in Server and perhaps they are experiencing the same problems in house.


      Symptom: after a bit the iPhone loses the connection, freezes, etc.


      Cause: I was using the WiFi router of the motel which has a 50 MB Comcast connection which works great for surfing and videos and WPT tournaments. Not so good for FileMaker Pro.


      Solution: I switched to my own WiFi router ( a T-Mobile mobile hotspot ) with a closed network and not connected to cellular. This works just like a plain vanilla router.


      Now everything works like it should and the iPhone stays connected and even works faster with finds sorts etc.


      Reason: the connection signal with cable connection has a ping type delay which can be short or long depending upon time of day and network traffic. This delay can affect the performance. Next, if there is a delay and sometimes I don't use the iPhone for 10-15 minutes, Comcast and other providers will drop the connection and reconnect as if you were reading a web page and then later opened a new one. FileMaker doesn't like this for several reasons such as getting a new ip address. I also guess that the iPhone and laptop exchange messages in order to keep the connection active and the dropped connection interferres, etc. Of course the explanation could be different, but I don't care. I solved the problem.


      Summary: if you are using FileMaker Pro to serve local clients, use a dedicated WiFi router or hub rather than using a WiFi router that is surfing the Internet.


      I'll mark it as a question if anyone wants to comment. I solved my own problem (again for the 1000th time).

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          Johan Hedman

          You do not need to buy a FileMaker Server license. You can try FileMaker Cloud out for free for 1 month.

          Access your custom apps in the cloud | FileMaker Cloud

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            gofmp wrote:


            I also guess that the iPhone and laptop exchange messages in order to keep the connection active


            There's no guessing here: FMP Host (Pro or Server) and FMP clients use an always-on connection because of the client-server model that FM uses.  It is one of the most defining features of the FM platform; it is how a client can receive updated data from another client without having to explicitly ask for it.  Even if there is no data to be updated, the client will ping the server at least once a minute to check if the server is still there.  If the server does not receive a tickle from a client in a 2-minute timespan, and there was no data to be updated in the meantime, server will decide that the client has dropped off and close its own connection to that client.


            It makes FM's network fingerprint a lot different than most other activities likes browsing web pages, or opening a Word document from a network share,...

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              You stated it a little better than I did.


              The problem I encountered with GO was that when connecting to my laptop using the Internet connection, GO was being dropped even with the setting for 30 minutes. Once I changed to my own wifi router, a battery operated T-Mobile hotspot not connected to the internet, the drops stopped and speed improved.


              So, the rule seems to be if you want to use FileMaker Pro as a server for the 9 or less clients, use an isolated wifi router that won't send you to the Internet or use an ether net hub.