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Dynamically hide & resize portals in preview mode

Question asked by markmeer on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by markmeer

I'm encountering a couple of related formatting issues with regards to portals in preview mode, and hoping someone can assist...


1. GOAL: Hide a portal if no entries, and replace with text


  • Created a text object ("No Items Found") and set "Hide object when" criteria to: Not(IsEmpty(PortalTable::PrimaryKey))
  • The portals have "Hide object when" criteria as IsEmpty(PortalTable::PrimaryKey), and "Remove blank space by: Sliding up based on all objects above"


ISSUES (when in Preview Mode):

  1. When the portal above has no entries, it hides fine, but the portal immediately below does not slide up. (i.e. there is just a big space in place of the hidden portal).
  2. The "No Items Found" text, if placed over the portal, hides with the portal.  If placed above the portal, the portal does not slide up when the text is hidden.


2. GOAL: Dynamically resize portal rows to fit contents

TRIED: Shooting in the dark here...experimented with merge fields...but no luck


  1. Only number of rows specified in "Portal Setup" are shown, even if there are more entries. (in Browse this is fine due to scrolling, but in Preview-Mode, all rows need to be displayed.
  2. Some fields are single line of text, some multiple lines.  The portal rows in Preview Mode don't seem to scale to fit the contents.  Is it possible to get them to scale?


I've attached a sample of the type of output formatting that I'm aiming for...

Any help/advice/links greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,