Host and Port values in Deployment Assistant

Discussion created by Kobyashi on Jan 24, 2017

Can someone help me get around the issue where, on opening the Deployment Assistant to specify a different port number for the FMS web server it always contains a value that I haven't specified?


I'm using FMS 15 and need to specify a different port value for the web server. Whenever I do this, I enter an acceptable value where the test results say are passed and complete the process. When I return to the Admin Console status page it always says something else, perhaps a previous value. If I exist and log in to admin again it still doesn't show the correct port. If I start the Deployment Assistant once more it has the erroneous value.


Typically, the port number is 192 which is the first three numerals from the server IP address too. If I change it to 8080 it is accepted but the status page on admin shows it as 81, a value a specified on first installing the server. What is going wrong?