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Script to convert data format

Question asked by gartmorris on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by beverly

my original data comes in the following format


ID#field 1field 2field 3
11111data1data 2data 3
11112data1data 2data 3
11113data1data 2data 3
11114data1data 2data 3


and I would like to convert it to a table that has the following format


ID#name of field1data of field 1
11111field 1 namedata 1
11111filed 2 namedata 2
11111field 3 namedata 3
11112field 1 namedata 1
11112field 2 namedata 2

So in essence there would be one record for each occurrence of data but including a field that would contain the field name (header) from the original table.  I need to script it as this will be a reoccurring process.


Possible?  Can the script run on Filemaker Server schedule?