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Filemaker Advanced - Custom functions

Question asked by Stigge on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by jbante

Hi Guys


I just got an Filemaker Advanced 15 to work with and for the first time are about to work with the custom functions.

My idea to use it is to use it for creating logs of changes to fields. So this is my idea, please help me out by telling me i need to rethink or help me in the correct directions of how to build it.


My idea is following:


on field entering, trigger script saving the old value

on field exit running a custom function, reading Get(ActivefieldName) and Get(ActiveFieldContents) and making it create a new record in log layout with the following information: oldValue, NewValue, FieldName, timestamp and username.

thats all i basicly need to do.. now is this possible to make as a custom function, so i can reuse it for all my tables in my DB ?

and how is it build in the custom function part? becouse i already done exacly this as a normal script.




Have a nice day