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    <unrelated table> ???


      I have duplicated an existing data base. I'm rearranging fields in the duplicated layout. All is well except two fields (text only) show <unrelated table> in the browse mode (not in the original database). There are no tables in this data base. I've played around with this field(s) for hours and cannot get rid of <unrelated table> What's going on? (I'm using FMP 12.

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          Can you show a screenshot in Layout Mode, or attach a copy of the DB?

          Are these merge fields?

          Being you have both databases, what should the two fields have in them, and what do they look like in layout mode on the original database.

          When you click on the field in layout mode, both databases, does the inspector offer any insight.

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            "There are no tables in this data base". Correction. You have at least one table in the database; it contains your fields, and if the database is flat, as it sounds like it is, then it is the only table. However, there could possibly be more than one TO (Table Occurrence)—even a self-join relationship—which was set up properly in the original database and that you have failed to replicate correctly in the duplicate. Take a look at your Relationships Graph and see. And, as Steve has said, post some screenshots or even a clone of the file itself and it will be easier to assist you instead of having to guess at what your problem is.

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              Enter layout mode and double click one of these field objects that come up as <unrelated table>. You'll find that you need to first select a different, related table occurrence and then a field for this field object as it currently refers to a table occurrence that is not related to your layout's table occurrence. (The layout's table occurrence is specified in layout setup in the "Show records from" drop down.)


              Note to FileMaker: <Unrelated Table> should really read <Unrelated table occurrence>

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                "Note to FileMaker: <Unrelated Table> should really read <Unrelated table occurrence>"


                Total agreement here. FileMaker's dual use of "Table" is the source of much confusion.

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                  Hi Steve,

                  Although I've been using FileMaker since the early 90s I am a real dunce

                  when it comes to anything more than the basics.

                  Here are 4 screen shots; layout mode and the short yellow fields in the

                  upper section of the record; 01&02 duplicate record; 03&04 the original.

                  Browser and Layout. They are not merge fields. One field has a

                  cross-reference text such as Klein 2003: A26.b.2 and the smaller field

                  (Cat. short for Catalog) has just one letter of text such as a B or D; just

                  letters of the alphabet. I looked at the inspector in both original and

                  duplicate and they both look identical. I appreciate any help.


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                    To repeat:


                    double click one of these fields while in layout mode to open the Specify Field dialog.


                    Now pull down the drop down of table occurrence names. This list will be organized into two groups: Related and Unrelated. The table occurrence specified for these two fields will be listed in the unrelated group.


                    Now make a note of the table occurrence specified in the "Show Records From" drop down in Lsyout Set Up.


                    Finally, open manage | database | Relationships and locate these two table occurrences (each box in the relationship graph is a "table occurrence".) You will find that the table occurrence in layout set up is not linked to the table occurrence selected for those two fields and thus you get this error.

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                      I neglected to add that I first duplicated the original file, then deleted

                      some fields,

                      and finally rearranged those left in the new layout that you see.


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                        Thanks for the advice but my proficiency with FMP is so amateurish that I

                        cannot follow your instructions.

                        For the time being I am trying to work with another respondent to my




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                          Fair enough, but my response was to the others responding to this thread as much as to you as there is a pretty simple way to show why you are getting this error message.