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Account Creation via Script

Question asked by mrosenhek on Jan 24, 2017
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I am building a solution that allows  users to create their own account. That in itself is easily done.


However, if another user can create an account with the same name. But, when they attempt to login using that account, the password they enter will not allow them access because the password they think they chose, is not associated with the account name. Kind of hard to expalin this.



Prevent an account from being created if the name already exists. So far I see no FM function that can give an error if an account with that name already exists. I figure I could have a table of logins (each time somebody logs in a record is created) and test to see if the new account is valid through a relationship tot hat table. If it is valid then I can prevent the creation of the new account. But I still do not know how to trap for that. Also, the solution must work on mobile devices, through WD, and over FM network.