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FMP 15 can not connect FMS 15 from outside of Network, like from Home.

Question asked by chs0615 on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by chs0615

My church has two FMServer, 12 and 15, installed on Windows Server 2012R.

FMServer12 is production server.  FMServer15 is testing server for Upgrade.

There is a firewall and port 5003 is open for IWP and Web Direct.

With FMS12, IWP is working fine, also, Webdirect is working fine with FMS15 outside.

Everything is good in house network.

From outside network, like from home, I can access FMS12 with FMP 14.( I am using Windows 10 x 64)

But I can not access FMS15 with FMP14, or 15.  It says “Connection Failed.”

Is there any other setting in FMS15 or Windows server 2012R2?

or do I have to open other port on firewall?

or FMS15's Problem?


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