I Have One Big Problem On Variable & Script

Discussion created by aliabbassipro on Jan 24, 2017
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Hi , I Cant Solve My Problem Until Now With Variable And Script , I Have One To Many Relationship Right Now !

I Have 3 Tables : 1)Artists 2)Songs 3) Role Song.

So As We Know Every Artist Can Have Many Songs and Every Songs Can Have Many Artist.

So We Have This Relationship



Now I Have Portal and I Want When i Click To (Add New) Button I Have New Portal Row With The Songs Of That Artist

I Attach My Project , If Anyone Can Help Please Do It For Me Then I Can Learn it

Note : In The Scripts I Have Subject If Any one Want To Help Please Go And If I Have Mistake Edit it

Note 2 : I Have Button Near (Featuring) My Script Run At This Button , I Want When I Push That Button Add Second Artist On The Same Song Like :

Track Name : After You , Singer : Ali , Featuring : Jack

Thanks For Your Helping