Display all records on one screen or page.

Discussion created by robstu on Jan 24, 2017
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Hello all,

I have a table with over 2000 records and I need to be able to view all of them on a single screen or sheet of paper when printed.  Each record is either a part of one group or one other and I want to be able to show which group each record is a part of.  I've attached what I hope to achieve.  The example has 40 records per row.  I can use conditional formatting to make each record either one color or another color, but I'm not sure how to get all the records to display like this.  I thought of creating a table with 40 fields per record and assigning each field a binary value.  The first record in that table will show values 1-40, the second record would show values 41-80, etc.  I would write a script to assign values to each field using set field by name.  I could then display that table using list view, but that seems pretty cumbersome.

Any thoughts?