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    Display all records on one screen or page.


      Hello all,

      I have a table with over 2000 records and I need to be able to view all of them on a single screen or sheet of paper when printed.  Each record is either a part of one group or one other and I want to be able to show which group each record is a part of.  I've attached what I hope to achieve.  The example has 40 records per row.  I can use conditional formatting to make each record either one color or another color, but I'm not sure how to get all the records to display like this.  I thought of creating a table with 40 fields per record and assigning each field a binary value.  The first record in that table will show values 1-40, the second record would show values 41-80, etc.  I would write a script to assign values to each field using set field by name.  I could then display that table using list view, but that seems pretty cumbersome.

      Any thoughts?




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          This is a case where you might try setting up a row as a repeating calculation field where each repetition references a different record from a related table. There are ways to get the needed values via ExecuteSQL or GetNthRecord.


          And given the extreme number of records, I wonder if the layout would update in a timely fashion if you used conditional formats. You might set up a pair of global container fields to store the two colors and then reference them in the calculations to show one color or the other in a given repetition. (Calculation result type becomes "container" in such a calculation.)

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            usually records hold information in one or more fields. What Info belonging to a single record are you trying to display ?


            A field in your single record, defined as  TextColor(char(9608); If(...; thisColor; thatColor)) shown in tight portals might cut it.

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              The number of records is fixed.

              They need to appear in order from 1-2400.

              So each record represents an individual.  I have one table with people from one group, and another table with people from another group.  I then merge the two tables into a third table that contains all the records of each table.  The two groups are merged into the third table according to different weighting factors that the user can specify.   Consider it two companies merging and the employees need to be merged into a final ranked roster.  The point of the above chart is so that the user can easily see how the merged groups are distributed. Who ends up at number 1, who is at the end, and who is in between and a simple different color to represent which company they were originally from.  Currently I have them listed in a long list that you can scroll through, but it was pointed out to me that having the above would be more useful.

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                You know what?  I've got it figured out.

                I used philmodjunk's idea of using repeating fields.  I made 50 global repeating fields with 50 (instead of the 40 in the example picture) repetitions each.  Instead of making them calculation fields, I just made them text fields.  They I wrote a script to populate the fields and repetitions by using set field by name, and using variables to represent the different row numbers and repetitions inside a couple of loops.  Works fast.

                Then conditional formatting to get the colors.