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Found old Bento backup file. (.bentodb)  Want to import into Filemaker.  Can't find old Bento license key

Question asked by Philip_Jaffe on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by carlachaim

Title says it all.


I was cleaning out some old files and found an old Bento backup which I think is my old tools inventory.


I'd love to open it in FileMaker, but the copy of Bento seems to be an expired trial version of Bento 4.


I must have had Bento 3.?? back in the day and that app no longer exists on my computer.  I have the old email from Filemaker confirming my registration of the product (just says Bento...doesn't specify what version, but it was dated Feb 2008).


Somewhere there is a license key but it's long gone I'm sure.


Any way to get the data out of my bento backup so I can import into Filemaker if I don't have a working copy of Bento?


No biggie if the answer is no---It's more for nostalgia than anything else.  But it'd be fun to look at that old data if I could open it without too much hassle.