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    New FileMaker User--Help!


      I am VERY new to FileMaker.  I took a class a couple of months ago.  I'm starting to put info into different databases, some were created already & some I'm using a template on.  I'm trying to learn this along with other duties at my new job, so I'm not in FM every day (but may be eventually.)  What I want to do is have a layout in 1 database "talk" to a layout in a 2nd database.  Can this happen?  I've tried to create a relationship, but for some reason I'm thinking this is wrong.  So what I want to do is enter info into 1 database & have it automatically go into the 2nd database.  I'm hoping this can be done.  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!

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          First let's get some terms:

          1) File or Database all mean one document (.fmp12 extension) created by FileMaker Pro

          2) Table means a defined, named table in the Database (there can be multiple tables in one database!)

          3) Field means each of the columns defined and named in a table

          4) Row or Record, is one set of every field in the table (with or without data)

          5) Layouts are tied to a particular "table" (table alias or table occurrence as shown on the Relationship Graph in a single File/Database). We call this "context" for the data.


          when you say different databases, are you meaning different files (#1) or different tables (#2) in the same file/database? the context is important, but a layout is tied to a table (table occurrence on the graph) whether from the same database/file or a reference (external source even). are your layouts in different files?


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            Usually when trying to do troubleshooting it helps to use meaningful terms.

            What as these two files about? What specific information do you want to see in the two databases?

            As for setting up a relationship and showing related data; there is nothing at all wrong with that.

            There is no need to copy anything and no need to have it "automatically go" to the other file.

            It would be hard to understand what leads to such a conclusion but it might be worth figuring that out.

            Showing related data is a basic and important and useful feature of FileMaker design.

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              Thanks for replying Beverly.  The best way for me to explain is to show you, I think.  The first icon says FM-Census Mailing & the 3rd icon says 2015 Census.  We put info into the 2015 Census database (am I calling it the right name??)  I want that info to “flow” into the FM-Census mailing.  The 2015 Census would be like the parent database & I may create more databases to capture info from the parent.  Does that make sense?



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                Yes, each of those Icons is a File (on your computer or on your server, if hosted) that is also called a Database.


                The relationship graph can show a table (TO - Table Occurrence) from another file/database (table) if needed. Because this is now a TO on that graph, it can also be a layout in that file/database. Perhaps that makes it easier to connect (via relationship) for moving data or merely seeing it.