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    Scanning barcodes with FMgo


      HI all,


      I'm working on setting up barcode scanning in a new solution. I have found a barcode generator online but setting up the find script to use a FMgo app and camera seems more tricky. Not exactly sure how you use the getcontainerattribute? Find below what I have so far. I get no results found / modify find in response to this. I tried the barcode option for insert from device but the camera just wouldn't take an image when focused on the printed barcode.


      BarcodeImage is a container field

      BarcodeText is a text field


      Thanks in advance to all ...


      Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 19.54.20.png

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          Use Insert From Device to insert the bar code into a text field. This will decode the bar code into text that you can read and you can then use this value to perform a find.

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            Thanks Phil, how do you convert the barcode image / data to the text field? At the moment then with this script, all that goes into the text field is "Photo 24-01-2017 20.13.55.jpg"



            Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 20.15.43.png

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              You don't specify camera for Insert From Device, you specify the Barcode option for this script step. The script step will then do the needed translation.

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                1. When you specify the target field in the Insert from Device script step, you don't need to use the Go to Field script step first. The target field does still need to be on the current layout, though you can hide it if you want by moving the field's layout object it to the right of the displayed layout area.
                2. Your Insert from Device script step is set to "Type: Camera". When you're scanning a barcode, you want "Type: Bar Code". This is true both when your target field is a text field, and when you're saving the image to a container field and extracting the barcode data as a separate step.

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