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    Basic Keyword Strategy?


      I've totally. forgotten how to set up a SIMPLE keywording scheme

      • Each record should be able to have multiple keywords  - but I'd need to avoid restricting words,
      • Ideally it would be easy to choose from a list of commonly used words.
      • The most important part  is that I can search on this field (and Ideally choose from a list) -
      • would need to function easily in iOS.
      • Should it matter: I'm using FMA v14

      If I use a value list, how would I enable selection of multiple options especially given that the list is likely to become very long.


      Sorry, It's been a way too long  since I've needed to use keywords.


      Thanks in Advance. alix

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          The easiest way to make multiple selections from a Value List is to set the field up as a Checkbox Set. This presents the user with all values in the list with a checkbox beside each value, and as many as desired can be checked simply by clicking on them. Under the hood, FM is actually compiling a carriage-return-separated list of the values checked. This approach will have two major limitations: (1) if the value list gets beyond a modest number of items (8 or 10, say) it will be come a very large array; and (2) another means will have to be used to allow entry of values other than those on the list.

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            A more powerful approach than a check box formatted field would be to set up a related table of keywords with a join table used to select particular keywords for a particular record in your main table. This does not preclude setting up something that still looks and acts like check boxes for selecting keywords for a given record but which actually creates/deletes records in the join table.

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              yes, for a small list that would work - sadly not this situation. Thanks for the reminder - will use in other circumstances.

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                Probably the only way to go. But I'm not sure how to set this up...


                currently have a Spanish learning DB with prime tables like this



                could you please detail this further


                Did you mean that I'd have to create a "join between DB and WORDs

                i.e.: DB - Keywords - Words (with every keyword a separate record)

                or create an entirely separate table creating a new keyword


                Thanks in advance.

                PS: do you offer training???


                thanks in advance, Alix

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                  I have an instructional file that includes several working examples of using a portal as a selection tool:


                  Adventures in FileMaking #2--enhanced value selection


                  But this file could use an update to include more on the option I am recommending here. The "check boxes with scroll bar" examples in this file build and modify a return separated list just like a single field formatted with check boxes but now you have a related table of values that can be displayed (and filtered/searched) in a portal.


                  The "next step" for what you want would be scripts that, instead of adding/deleting from the return separated list, add/delete records from a related join table.

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                    Thanks Phil,

                    will look into this