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    Popovers not opening in WebDirect?


      I have a database primarily designed for Pro and iPad.  I tested in on WebDirect and find that Popovers hidden with Hide Object when... are not opening.  In Pro or Go,  using Go To Object opens the hidden popover.   If the Popover button is visible,  then it opens normally. 


      Attached is a simple DB demonstrating the problem.


      I have found that hiding the popover behind a cover the popover will still open even though it can't be seen.  It is only when using he Hide Object that this is an issue.


      Is this just a function of WebDirect not rendering a hidden object or is it a bug?

      Thanks for you help with this.

      Bruce Herbacg

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          I've found the same thing. I'm currently on a big WD project and we're running into all sorts of things like this.

          Unfortunately I had to unhide the popover and make it look like the BG.


          I dislike this. A user could accidentally click on the area where the popover is hidden.

          I haven't tested this, but it occurs to me, maybe the hide condition of the popover is set so that it hides when $$Show ≠ 1.

          Then in the script, set the variable to $$Show = 1, refresh the object  (the popover) and then go to the popover itself.


          I haven't done anything to log it as a bug, and cannot find documentation that says it is normal behavior. I just logged it in our (ever-growing) WD-ssues db and build the workaround.

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            Benjamin Fehr

            I'm curious about those possible work arounds. As I see, it's about to hide the popover Button.

            how does WD deal with Buttons with:

            - size = 1 x 1px?

            - Fill, color= white, opacity = 0%?

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              My popover has 0% opacity and no line or hover or active or pressed state.

              I can still click on that area and get the popover.


              I haven't tried the 1px x 1px. I'm dealing with a field inside it replacing a field outside it without moving; user should see no jumping of the field when the popover opens, so I have kept the button wide to make sure all stays aligned. I'll monkey with this workaround.

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                From my perspective,  part of the is issue is button bars.  I create a button bar with one or more buttons and one or more popovers.  The popover buttons are hidden.  Click the button,  a script runs and then uses Go To Object to open the popover. 


                I don't want the user to click on the popover and open it.  The popover contains a number of global fields used in creating new records.  The script clears the fields or sets them to a pre-selected value the user can change.


                I looked the help on Go To Object and Hide Object when and there is no mention of this behavior in WebDirect.

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                  Thank you for your posts.


                  I can replicate the issue using Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.  I can confirm the issue does not occur under FileMaker Pro nor FileMaker Go.  I have sent your posts and sample file to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



                  FileMaker, Inc.

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                    Thanks very much.  I hope they resolve this one soon.  I'm working on a large project and would hate to go back and put a work around in for all of the hidden popovers I have.



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                      Our Development and Testing departments are already aware of this issue, and your information has been added to the original report.



                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        I'm sorry to say that testing this in a version not to be mentioned it still fails.


                        I was hoping.




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                          I tried a couple of suggestions for other methods of hiding popovers.  The one that seemed to work the best was to put the popover button underneath the button running the script.  This is relatively easy to implement when using button bars.  Duplicate the button bar.  Remove hidden popover buttons from the new button bar.  Remove the Hide when from the original button bar.  Then stack both,  putting the new button bar on top.


                          I tried using a global variable to control display of the popover.  This seems to cause the popover to show up in the wrong place.  Take a look at the attached jpep.  This was done using FMS 15 and Chrome.





                          Attached is a database demonstrating some of the techniques and the problem.

                          Thanks to everyone for suggestions.

                          Bruce Herbach