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    Domain change




      We run FileMaker Server 13 and are in the process of changing our domain name. Is there anything we need to do to make sure everything keeps working, or should we be all set?





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          It depends how you connect - if you have server on the same LAN as the clients and use bonjour then you are good.

          If you access via the domain name where the domain maps the filemaker 5003 TCP/IP port to your server then you need to aim at the new domain from the clients ..

          there are even more options.


          so how do you connect to your FMS?

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            So we're on the same LAN and we've installed bonjour, although I guess I don't know if it's using it. Usually they put in the name of the server (or have it saved as a favorite) when they're connecting to Server files. My guess is that either it will just continue to work or we'll need to put in FMP01.[new domain name here].

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              if you are on the same LAN and bonjour port is open within LAN then the FMP clients should find the files as before.

              the domain name would only be used if you go over DNS most likely via WAN.


              i guess you are good (if the files are not explicitly hidden).

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                When a client  moved their server from the internet to in house, many of the prior developers scripts ran wild. Naturally I was blamed for this... Wrong...


                Joshua Ormond pointed me to the answer.


                The developer was using an import of the active file and had used FileMaker's point and shoot external data sources. This hard-wires the location to the previous server. Change server, bad external data source.


                I fixed the problem by replacing the external source with $file.


                Set Variable $file to get(filepath)

                import using $file


                Now FileMaker will work correctly and import a table from the active file no matter where the file is located.


                Don't know whether a domain name change while keeping the server in the same location will cause this problem but it may. If your imports suddenly become erratic, this is probably why.

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                  If you have remote clients you should inform them of the domain name change and how to repoint their copies of FileMaker to it.


                  If you supply anyone with a menu app to open your files, that will have to be updated.


                  Your email signature, web pages, etc. may have to be updated.