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    Position in Inspector set back to decimals




      I have a problem regarding the positioning of objects on a layout. This is the second layout where I experience this problem, so I guess I do something wrong triggering this behaviour. On other layouts in the same file I have never experienced something like this.


      I have attached two screenshots, because the description of this problem might be a bit difficult to understand.


      For all objects on the layout the position in the Inspector is given in decimals, which I did not enter and do not want. If I correct those values (71,049 pt => 71pt) and save everything is fine. As soon as I re-open the database the decimals are back in place.


      The result of this seems to be that when printing the layout there are small lines that are printed where empty fields are. (Those fields are not shown in preview mode if empty). The same applies to portals with no related data: They are designed to be not printed (by activating the sliding up option) but there is a small line where those portals should have been.


      Sometimes those lines are already visible in preview mode sometimes they are not, but are printed anyway.


      Does anybody know what can trigger this and how to fix it?






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          Perhaps something has moved in a part, such as the header, which has pushed everything else down.

          Check the height of the header.

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            Thanks for your reply.


            The header has its normal height, but the position has decimals as well (see screenshot). Unfortunately I can not change the positional values.


            I was able to correct the values for the fields now. Apparently I had forgotten to fix one field, which caused the reset of the positional values.

            Nevertheless, the lines still appear in preview mode.

            As soon as I resize a field manually (not by editing the values for height and width), it jumps a bit and has again decimals in each of the positions.


            I guess I have to rebuild this layout from scratch!? If this is the case, I am still interested in the reason for this behaviour, as I do not want to recreate layouts too often.






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              I have noticed that it has to do with the scale on the print options. This layout is printed at 82%. This scale is set via script. When I come back into layout mode, all positional values are in decimals. As soon as I set it back to 100% those values are corrected. This still seems strange to me, as the scale has nothing to do with the position of the fields in layout mode...

              This effect can be witnessed on all layouts until I set the scale back to 100%.


              I now have disabled the script step that sets the scale and the lines are gone as well. Even when I activate the script step again, the lines remain gone. But I am sure that they will reappear somewhere down the road as they have before.



              It is still true that they do not appear in preview mode, but when I print the lines still appear on paper (they do not if I create a pdf).

              If I print with a scale of 82% the lines are pretty bold and I expected them to disappear when printing 100%, but they are still there as relatively fine lines.




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                It is possible that this is a result of page margins for printing. I have seen a similar thing when you select the

                View >> Page Margins

                option. Object positions will be different when this option is not selected compared to when it is, and depending on the layout Theme and the printer in use, the shift will sometimes include fractions of a point. So … try checking this option on or off and see what happens.

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                  Thanks for your suggestions, but page margins do not put decimals into those values. They alter those values, but they do it correctly.

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                    Perhaps the layout is damaged.

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                      "page margins do not put decimals into those values"—

                      Well just to be clear, as I stated in my post, the page margins DO add decimal values in some circumstances, as shown in the attached screenshots. With page margins not selected, the left margin is 0. With page margins selected, the left margin varies, depending on the printer chosen. If I select "Any Printer" it is set to 18pt; with two of my three printers the margin is 9pt; with my third printer the margin is 8.4pt. I make this clarification not just for your benefit but to assist any reader, since some may not have realised this or come across it so far.

                      Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.19.39 AM.png

                      Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.26.31 AM.png

                      Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.19.13 AM.png

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                        If you adjust the layout view by percentage, should not the position of the objects on a fixed pixel window also change?


                        100% x 10 = 10

                        80% x 10 = 8


                        The position is not given to the overall global dimensions but to the pixels on your screen plus adjustments for density. Something like that...


                        Draw a box that is 1 inch and then compare its inspector dimensions when you change magnifications and tell me if I am right... 

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                          Thanks for all the replies.


                          I guess I have to clarify things as the decimals might not be the problem even though I first thought so. But I will do this below. First some replies:


                          @philmodjunk: It may be that the layout is broken, but then I have at least 3 broken layouts. On some printers the lines do not appear (see below), so I guess it is rather something else.


                          @keywords: Thanks for correcting this. If I use the combination of page margins AND scale of 82% I get the decimal values as well. I don´t get them with 100% scale, “all printers” and page margins.


                          @gofmp: If I understand you correctly, the zoom factor in layout mode may change positional values as well. But if check those values and then decrease the zoom to 75% those values remain the same.

                          This is a behaviour I had expected since I am only altering my view of those objects and not the position of those.



                          As I said above, I need to clarify some things:


                          • My main problem are the lines that appear in print where objects have slided up, because they are empty and therefore the borders of those fields (or portals) are not visible. I have wrongly put the focus on the decimals because I thought those might be responsible for it (and now it seems they are not).
                          • This has only become an issue after switching from Filemaker 13 to Filemaker 15.
                          • I have tested all this with a new test file (see attachment) and two printers. I have created three fields and some records. Then I have created a layout for list display, deselected “Delineate fields on current record only“, and then I have activated the option to slide up (with the aim of removing the border of the empty fields).
                            • On printer 1
                              • Scale 82%: The lines appear and are relatively bold.
                              • Scale 100%: The lines appear and are fine.
                            • On printer 2
                              • Scale 82%: The lines appear and are relatively bold.
                              • Scale 100%: The lines DO NOT appear.




                          Any suggestions how to get rid of those lines? Do I need to open a new discussion as this isn´t anymore about the decimals?


                          I could remove the borders, but in some cases they are really needed. Or I could deactivate the sliding up, but in some cases this is needed as well.

                          The use of a hiding condition works in this example, but in the case of portals the sliding up must be activated as well if there are objects below. Anyway, activating a hiding condition for all elements concerned seems to go a bit far as those problems were not there in Filemaker 13.






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                            Try as I might I cannot reproduce the lines issue with your test file.

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                              just out of my mind, is it possible that for these layouts, the snap to grid is enable ? That could explain why the typed dimensions are adjusted (to snap).

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                                Strange... Thanks for trying.

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                                  no, snap to the grid is not activated.

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                                    An old technique when encountering an unsolvable problem is to delete the items causing the problem and find another method... 


                                    Here's something to try and is not a 100% answer but I have been playing with it and I am sure others have used it for quite a while;


                                    Use List() or <<fieldname>>


                                    Using a text object







                                    FileMaker will automaticaly adjust the areas of the fields. Try this on a layout. Drag the text object to a large size and see how the fields adjust depending on the contents.


                                    Consider this a sliding field (my copyrighted name) that you can also use resize and move up in preview or printing.


                                    List can also be used for a similar idea using a calculated field:



                                    ; fieldname2

                                    ; fieldname3


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