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Position in Inspector set back to decimals

Question asked by MatteoKrings on Jan 26, 2017
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I have a problem regarding the positioning of objects on a layout. This is the second layout where I experience this problem, so I guess I do something wrong triggering this behaviour. On other layouts in the same file I have never experienced something like this.


I have attached two screenshots, because the description of this problem might be a bit difficult to understand.


For all objects on the layout the position in the Inspector is given in decimals, which I did not enter and do not want. If I correct those values (71,049 pt => 71pt) and save everything is fine. As soon as I re-open the database the decimals are back in place.


The result of this seems to be that when printing the layout there are small lines that are printed where empty fields are. (Those fields are not shown in preview mode if empty). The same applies to portals with no related data: They are designed to be not printed (by activating the sliding up option) but there is a small line where those portals should have been.


Sometimes those lines are already visible in preview mode sometimes they are not, but are printed anyway.


Does anybody know what can trigger this and how to fix it?