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    BE_HTTP_POST Base Elements Help


      Hey Im trying to figure out the baseelements HTTP post and im stuck on the parameters . This is what i have so far.



      BE_HTTP_POST ( "https://" & "mywebsite.com/wp-json/geodir/v1/places/";                                     ; $login ; $password )


      Paramters i need.






      BE_HTTP_POST – BaseElements Plugin Help Centre


      Link for the help but the example im lost on.

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          You're missing the "parameters" parameter.


          The function is:

          BE_HTTP_POST ( url ; parameters ; username ; password )


          but you have:

          BE_HTTP_POST ( "https://" & "mywebsite.com/wp-json/geodir/v1/places/"; BIG BLANK SPACE ; $login ; $password )

          missing the second parameter.


          Should be something more like:

          BE_HTTP_POST ( "https://" & "mywebsite.com/wp-json/geodir/v1/places/"; "title=" & $name & "&content=" & $content ; $login ; $password )


          Note you will need to concatenate your filemaker variables into key/value pairs, separated by ampersands per the documentation.

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            I had the big space to signify how lost i was lol. Thanks Mike