Search field & data field

Discussion created by lolli_group on Jan 26, 2017
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Hi, I'd like to have your advice on this problem.

I've lot of tables (eexample: orders, quotation...) which are connected with a General Registry with a code for each customer.


In the table you see attached in pic, you have the CODE, wich is connected with table Registry with Name of customer of that code.

So the Name field is a field of a related table.


I'd like to use the name field to search the name, too.

So I can use that field as global search field, than search with a script the name or a part of the name, but after I need to add another field with the name as result. (hope this is clear...)


Have you any idea to use the same field for a search AND as the field with data ?

Maybe with a field over another, one disappears if ...


Thanks !