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one to many relationship

Question asked by Charlesdh on Jan 25, 2017
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I started back to a file that I've been working on. From past help I can relate a "Product" to a "Image".

As I mentioned in my previous post I have a "Product" that will have more than one image. The "Product" can only have up to 4 images.

The image it self will be a combination of the "Product" name and a numeric value. Ie: Shelf 001, Shelf 002 ect.

I can relate the "Product" to the image by manually inputing its Id for image.

I have 2 tables one for the "Product" and one for the Images.

I'm attaching the file I was working with.

What I hoping to accomplish at this point is too be able is

1. Import the "Images" (which I can do)

2. Import the "File"

3. Once importing is done the file should show show the Image's for each product .


Any help would be appreciated.