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    Alternative to Join.me


      I'm looking for a (preferably) free alternative to join.me (which absolutely has to be free for the other party). It will be used exclusively to temporarily share my desktop with my clients when I am working on new versions of their solutions. Typically, I will be sharing with only one other computer. (I think once, in the past, we brought another person in another office into the discussion). And, oh yes, it needs to work on Macs as well as pcs.


      I like the fact that join.me is simple to set up and use. I also like the fact that my clients don't have to install anything. Join.me lets me e-mail them a URL that they can simply click on and see my desktop. On occasion, I have shared control of my pointing device with clients, so they could show me how they were using a feature and I could troubleshoot a problem they were having.


      If that sounds like a ringing endorsement for join.me, I guess it sort of is, but only up to a point. It frequently fails because it is "unable to update" (whatever that means), whereupon it deletes the join.me icon from my desktop, but keeps the program installed and will not run it. I have to uninstall it, and reinstall it -- both of which are a pain. It normally takes several installs to get everything working again. And, when it is installed, it loads at Windows startup and takes up resources, whether it is being used or not. Life is too short for this kind of nonsense.


      Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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          Have a look at www.zoom.us.


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              just used them yesterday. it rocks

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                You may use TeamViewer, it's free version.

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                  I've used TeamViewer for years and really enjoy it. If you're using it for business, you need to buy a license, but your clients don't have to. I do have them install a small client on their computers as I use it for support of their computers as well.

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                    Go to Meeting is more about conferencing people in on a meeting with you as is Zoom I think.  So if you're training a group of people or doing a sales meeting these are great tools.

                    Join.Me is really cool and I still use it on occasion but only the free account and only when it's not a full time computer I support.  ShowMyPC is another similar one to Join.me but I haven't used that one yet.


                    For remote login and support I use Splashtop.  For $60 per year ($5 per month) I get up to 10 computers that I can manage and it works really well.  Simple to use,  good interface and control panel.  No problems.  I just start the program called Splashtop Business on my Mac or PC and I see a list of all the computers I manage and whether or not they are online currently.


                    I can do all the things you might expect like connect to their computer, remove my credentials from their computer, restart their computer, print to their printers or to my local printer FROM their software on their computer...all the typical features you would get with LogMeIn Pro or GoToMyPC which are two programs I used to use for this until their yearly fees starting creep up to around $250 per year.


                    The only snag about using Splashtop...and this would be the same for others like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC, is that you need to install Splash Streamer on the client machine you wish to control.  Now your customer can download it for free and the setup is simple but they have to do it AND you have to allow them to log in to your Splashtop acct one time to make the connection.


                    So what I do sometimes is have them start a free Join.me meeting, give me control of their screen and then I install the Streamer on their computer for them.  I quit the join.me meeting and log back in with Splashtop and we're good to go.


                    There are other free solutions that you can configure on your own website and give them a URL to access which sets up a remote session kind of like a citrix remote or using remote desktop in windows but I'm not smart enough to set those up on my own so Splashtop for $60 a year isn't bad.


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                      Thanks to all who applied. ShowMyPC sounds more like what I had in mind. But I will have to take a more thorough look at all of these, when I finish the project I am working on and have a bit more time than I do now.

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                        keep in mind that FileMaker is cross-platform, so any "sharing" you do with clients/others should also be cross-platform (_and_ cross browser)!


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                          I am a longtime user of Splashtop. I find it sometimes works better that VNC even when I am on the same LAN as the target machine.


                          Oh, and VERY cross-platform. They even have a Linux version in Beta right now.


                          You can create a deployment file that you can send to your user where they won't need to log into your account. More secure.