OS X wrong Font used in layout - issue fixed

Discussion created by justinc on Jan 26, 2017

I am just posting this as a possible solution for folks.  It worked for us.


The issue:

     * User was on OS X

     * Our solution (hosted) uses the Calibri font (a Microsoft font)

     * User did have Calibri a font installed on their system; this font was available in other applications

     * This one user was seeing the layout rendered in Arial and not in Calibri

     * Calibri was not visible as an option in the 'Font' menu of FileMaker


The fix:

     * Run the 'Validate Font' function in the Font Book application (can be accessed by right-clicking on the Font name)


This resulted immediately in the layout rendering correctly with Calibri and the font showing up in the FM menu.  It's a very quick process.  The process didn't report any errors, oddly.