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Hosting on AWS with External Authentication

Question asked by georgl03 on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by LSNOVER

Good afternoon everyone,


When FMCloud was first announced, I was ecstatic; I'm all for moving towards cloud technology for my agency. I was nearly there...about to pull the trigger and start a migration scheme from my current setup into the FMCloud, but then the one big caveat was found..

"Supports custom app authentication via FileMaker user accounts only" AKA no External Authentication. But that is fine, I understand it was released for small businesses which need the scalability of AWS, but this DOES NOT work for my agency. I spent half a year moving away from filemaker user accounts, I can't go back; plus they have a Single Sign-on initiative that I'm trying to meet.


But I still need to get off of my old physical towers. I want to spin up an EC2 in AWS and put filemaker server on it as an alternative, but I can't find any verbiage that details how that works(or if it works). I need my AWS server to talk to Active Directory, preferably by ADFS or SAML (lesser so).


So the question:

Can I setup external Authentication to an Active Directory from a server being hosted on an AWS?


Thanks for any help and clarification someone can provide.