Filemaker Server 15 installation

Discussion created by user10625 on Jan 26, 2017
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I have been having a devil of a time trying to get FMS 15 installed.


Server hardware is windows Server 2008 R2.  Plenty (100s of G) of disk space & memory (30G or so).


Details of the problem are told here:


I was able to finally get the initial installation going, but I have a few questions.


First of all, my workaround was to go into the Filemaker Server 15 / files / and directly run the file “setup.exe” as administrator.




(see Example1.png)


1)  Is this a bug (that I have to do this)?  I'm thinking it must be some kind of OS/permissions issue, but neither I nor my (very knowledgeable) IT manager can figure out what.


2)  Even if it isn’t,  is what I am doing safe?  Am I missing anything crucial by not being able to run it from the package level?  





THEN,  I went to install the updater (15.0.3) and things got even weirder.  I just get this display:


(see Example2.png)





When I go into the Filemaker Server 15 Updater folder, and try to run Setup.exe directly, same thing. And when I go into the Files folder, and try to run the updater file there, it won’t let me.


Thank you.