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Charting without an X series

Question asked by avallejo on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by avallejo

Hi all!


So, now I'm working on charts and came across this problem.


I have this chart, unsorted.

Capto_Capture 2017-01-26_07-35-45_PM.png

These are 3 series of data on the Y axis, and they look fine. Problem is it shows 6 times instead of just once. I have 6 records in this table, which I suspect is no coincidence. But as I just want to have a broadview of the data, I don't really want or need X data, just the label.


It works well when I sort it by some category, like in the chart below, but in this case I just wanted to show the 3 columns, 1 for each Y series, and that's it... how do I pull this off?


Capto_Capture 2017-01-26_07-35-09_PM.png