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    XSLT Question


      I have attached the XML and XSLT that I am using to this post. Everything works great with one exception. The XML sends multiple comment tags and when I try to import them into Filemaker I have no way to match each comment to a field. Can I change something in my XSLT so that each comment listed will come across with its sequence number in the comment tag.


      I hope I'm explaining myself correctly. I also included a picture of my Import Dialog hopefully that will show you the problem I'm running into.



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          "multiple comment" should be in another table (like portal), so you'd need 2 xslt and 2 tables.

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            Or possibly a return-delineated list of comments imported into a single field. It is possible to use the position() function to get the numbering in a xsl:for-each loop if that's what the OP wants.


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              Ok now I see your XSLT. you have this:

                             <ROW MODID="1" RECORDID="1">

                                  <xsl:call-template name="resultrow">

                                      <xsl:with-param name="el" select="./node()"/>

                                      <xsl:with-param name="el_prefix"></xsl:with-param>




              and it is NOT repeating a ROW for each of the comment elements (repeated).

              Perhaps the ROW element needs to be a part of the template 'resultrow' (I did not analyze the entire XSLT)?

              The point is that any repeating element likely is another XSLT (another related table), as stated so well above! and the for-each or template call will make the repeat as a new ROW each time there should be a new record in the database imported.


              also a nitpick, but the attributes for ROW should be empty:

              <ROW MODID="" RECORDID="">

              or just:


              as the import will supply these values for you.

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                Can I pay you to fix this for me?