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FMP15A - Trigger OnWindowFirstOpen not showing on DDR Overview/File Options (it is there).

Question asked by rgustafson on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by designdb

DDRs of Starter Solutions all show OWFO trigger present. Solutions which I create using OWFO imported from other solutions do not.

Same scenario with FMP13A & same OWFO.


Not sure if I'm adding this to my original issue correctly : The above DDR/OWFO came about because I was doing my own solution based on FMIs Content Management, with different Value Lists for Sort Selection/Sort List Keys & using a Startup Screen. With the FM CM Solution when you launch the file you proceed to a Content Detail Layout. This layout does have the above OWFO Trigger applied to it.


With my solution, launching the file proceeds smartly to Startup Screen & stays right there. SS Layout is set up identical to CMs SS Layout.


This is why I pursued the DDR Tool to check on OWFO. My other replies point out that the XML version does show the Trigger there.


I'm still left with my solution not getting beyond Startup Screen (unless I manually select another layout).


THERE - I've said more than enough on this silly FM issue!! Any thoughts?