Where to download FULL version of FileMaker Pro Advanced (13), NOT the security update

Discussion created by JacobHickman on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by alecgregory

I recently migrated to a new MacBook Pro, and even after a lengthy internet search (including the FM website: Security Update - FileMaker 13.0v9/FileMaker 12 | FileMaker ) I still cannot figure out how to download the FULL version of FM Pro Advanced v13. The FM website seems to only allow downloads of security updates, but I need to install the full version on my new MacBook Pro. When I migrated over a month ago, I ignorantly dragged the FM Pro Adv 13 folder to applications on my new MacBook Pro, but of course it is not recognized as a legit install. My institution gives me access to FM Pro, but my advanced license is for v13, which I haven't used in a while, and I need to used some advanced features for work on an old database. Any hints on where to download the FM Pro Advanced v13 installer?