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Assigning Fields to Only Print on Certain Records

Question asked by Safari-ID on Jan 27, 2017
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I have had much success with the File Maker Community Forum.


Here is one more question. I hope someone has a solution.


Question: I have 56 pieces of equipment.  Created in Filemaker are the list of maintenance task

to service each piece of equipment.  The problem is I want to assign each piece of equipment

items that pertain to the maintenance task only.  To eliminate any confusion.


Example:  The attached form is a Bobcat Excavator, it does not have lawn mower blades

or windshield wipers.  So If I knew how to say set up a check box for each maintenance task

that pertains to each piece of equipment then,  when I generate the work order, the other maintenance

task would not appear on the form.


I know doing this sort of stuff using Filemaker is possible vs using inDesign and flat files.


But,  I am just not sure how to tackle the task.


Any suggestion,


Thanks in Advance.


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