how to resolve many records with same id to 1 record

Discussion created by Kj on Jan 27, 2017
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I am Importing files with event records. 1 event may occur many times. Most fields are the same, the date/time varies.

I have a table for the events (event id) and a related table for the occurrences of date/time (date time id) for each event.

The problem is that import matching does not resolve to 1 record for the event id. All records are imported.

I am asking for suggestions to resolve the multiple event ids to be 1 record in the events table.


Special event; 123; 1/27/2017; 10 am; 444

Special event; 123; 1/27/2017; 3 pm; 333

Special event; 123; 1/28/2017; 1 pm; 222


Thank you.