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Extract and format Portal row data question

Question asked by macman752 on Jan 28, 2017
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I am working on a judicial records case management system. Part of the solution will merge the FMP data into Word documents via 360Works Scribe plug-in. I need to be able to extract the full name of a Petitioner and then full names of no more than the first 3 Co-Petitioners (and do the same with the Co-Respondents). The Petitioner and Respondent names are not a problem. I'm scratching my head as to get the names of the co-parties. The names will need to appear as below:



Co-Petitioner 1

Co-Petitioner 2

Co-Petitioner 3





Co-Respondent 1, etc.


I have portals that hold the Co-Petitioners and Co-Respondents. I've tried using List(TableName::FullName) to see if I could use a Text function to format that output but I am not sure if that is even a viable solution. Before I go deeper into this rabbit hole I'd appreciate feedback on the best method to separate the names. After that I can work on the rest of the logic of the calculations(s). Thanks in advance.