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    SMTP via icloud


      I have discovered that iCloud has SMTP settings. Don't ask me where I saw this since I am relooking for it.


      So, has anyone tried using iCloud and FMP to send smtp mail?

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          Yes, sure.

          I used it several times for the CURL examples coming with my MBS FileMaker Plugin.



          Sending emails in FileMaker with MBS Plugin



          Batch sending Emails in FileMaker via MBS Plugin

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            You don't need a plugin to send email.  FileMaker can send email directly via SMTP in the mail setup script step.  Just choose to send via SMTP instead of Client in the script setup.  Great for simple emails. 


            So, why would you want a plugin?  Because FileMaker's email sucks, won't send HTML email, can only attach one file and is rather slow.  FileMaker's Roadmap presentation last year talked about improving that, but for now, plugins fulfill this gap. 


            If you're cheap, you can just use the Base Elements plugin because the licensing is free.  And Monkey Bread Software's plugin would truly be very expensive if you just want to send email.  However, MBS, has over 4000 other functions including the full cURL library and is what I call a Swiss Army Knife of plugins.  It also works well on a server and I often have such functions run as PSoS so that the clients don't need the plugin, only the server.  You as a developer would a client version though for development purposes. 


            You can make do with the current FileMaker email script step limitation and just wait for FileMaker 16 to come out around the 3rd week of May (my prediction with no insider info) and see if it has improved mail functionality.  But if you need something now, a mail plugin will do the job better and faster. 


            Other good email plugins I've used are the ones from 360Works and CNS. 

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              I have the same question. I am aware of the plugins and I know that FMP have build in functionality to send emails but when I try to use iCloud smtp server it is not working - I have used settings from iCloud: Mail server settings for email clients - Apple Support but no joy. Can anybody actually confirm that it is possible to use FMP build in send email feature with iCloud smtp server ?



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                Yes, it is possible. You need to make sure you are using SSL, and if that doesn't work, TLS as well.

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                  Anything before TLS v1.2 is no longer acceptable in my humble opinion.

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                    I also am trying to use the smtp data from apple with connection encryption on TLS and authentication on Plain. This sometimes works without error and sometimes not. Any idea why it is not reliable?

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                      I have run multiple tests and tried few different servers from different providers and only setting that always work is the one that is not using authentication. I was not able to use iCloud account setting to send emails. I have tried with SSL, TLS , MD5 , Plain password and check all ports 25,465,587- nothing seems to work with iCloud.


                      What setting you have excacly ?

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                        Sorry for the late response. See below:


                        Used settings SMTP.PNG