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FMP and Mac OSX

Question asked by mattb on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2017 by monkeybreadsoftware

I have commercial software currently being sold to the public as a FMP 12 runtime package for OSX since 2010. 

Since El Capitan (OSX 10.11.x), new users installing the program have to change a Security & Privacy system

preference setting for Allow Apps Downloaded From to the "Allow Anywhere" setting, before being able to install.


Now with the release of Sierra (OSX 10.12.x), the "Anywhere" choice has been made invisible.  The only workaround

I've discovered so far involves opening the Terminal window and issuing a command line that turns it back on. the questions:


1)  Does anybody know of an alternative to forcing computer-illiterate customers to make use of a command-line

environment - such as an Applescript?  Or something else?  I'm looking to make life easier for customers while

still being able to sell the program to newer OSX users.


2) Also:  I remember a couple years back some flap where Apple was saying the "next release" of FMP for OSX

would no longer contain a distributable runtime library, but there was backlash against that by developers and

apparently they relented.  My question is:  what about the FMP 15 version for OSX?  Does it still have a

distributable runtime library?


3) I was under the impression that it is not possible to sell an application that is an FMP-runtime distribution situation

(as opposed to a self-running executable (i.e. Mac .app file) through the App Store.  Am I correct about this?


4) Does anyone have the experience of joining the Apple developer program?  Would that help me in being able

to distribute this app without causing the customer to have to un-hide and then check the "Anywhere" box?


5) I'm currently using a shareware OSX installer program.  Are there commercial installers that I can switch to which

would help me circumvent this situation?


Thanks in advance for any and all replies!




Matt Bloomfield