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    Can a user change a chart colour


      hi all, does anyone know if you can make a series of scripts / buttons for a non admin user to be able to change a chart colour (or at least make it black and white). I know I could always build 10 layouts with the same chart in different colours and script buttons between them...





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          unfortunately in Filemaker reigns the Ford principle: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black".


          Say you have an industry standard, where let's say left = blue and right = red. A specific blue and a specific red.


          Well, Filemaker does not care. You have to choose your graph colours from a limited, stupid palette of predefined colours.

          You can't define your series 1 as being blue (with RGB input of values) nor you can do it for your series 2..




          It's one of the main, very reasons I use a plugin for graphing.