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How many Webdirect users on a server?

Question asked by WBullard on Jan 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by KurtBleicken

We are about to deploy a system based on Webdirect and I'd be very appreciative to hear from those of you who use WebDirect extensively.


I'm particularly interested in knowing what you have found to be the maximum number of users that can reasonably be hosted on a FMS 15 server using WebDirect. Any pitfalls we should watch out for? I've read the FMI requirements for the server hosting WebDirect, but how do those match up with your experience? Are the requirements too conservative? Not conservative enough? What would the pros/cons of using the new Amazon cloud server compared to simply getting a server with a hosting company?


I appreciate the time and energy that many of you put into growing the FileMaker community by contributing to this forum.