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    How many Webdirect users on a server?


      We are about to deploy a system based on Webdirect and I'd be very appreciative to hear from those of you who use WebDirect extensively.


      I'm particularly interested in knowing what you have found to be the maximum number of users that can reasonably be hosted on a FMS 15 server using WebDirect. Any pitfalls we should watch out for? I've read the FMI requirements for the server hosting WebDirect, but how do those match up with your experience? Are the requirements too conservative? Not conservative enough? What would the pros/cons of using the new Amazon cloud server compared to simply getting a server with a hosting company?


      I appreciate the time and energy that many of you put into growing the FileMaker community by contributing to this forum.

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          The current documentation states a limit of 100 concurrent users. Actual number will be that or fewer depending on the design of your solution. There are quite a few resources that you can web search to learn more on how to optimize performance in Web Direct.


          Also note that FileMaker's "Road Map" suggests that a future version will support scaling up a solution by deploying multiple web servers.

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            Thank  you for the response. I've read all of the FMS15 reference materials and know of the current 100 user limit.


            The purpose of my post was to query the forum members to see if anyone who had actual experience with a large number of WebDirect users would care to share their evaluation of it based on an actual deployment. I'd love to hear from people who have 80+ WebDirect users on one server who can say it works as expected and is the best thing since sliced bread.

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              The design of the solution, the nature of the user's interaction with the solution and the hardware in use are all very  important factors that make this kind of fact finding extremely difficult.


              I would under no condition use the new FM Cloud for 80+ WebDirect users.  Simply because you can not have a 2-machine config with FMS db engine on one server and WebD on another.  And you absolutely would need to go with a 2-machine config for your setup, and with a absolute beast of a webd machine too.


              In my experience there is a very real performance cliff at a certain point with WebD.  A point where it does not just gets gradually slower but where performance just drops off.  Where that point is can not projected very well because of the wide variety of factors involved, especially the design of the solution.

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                Thank you for the response.  Good to know that FMCloud is not the way to go.


                For 51 or more WebDirect users, the FMS15 hardware requirements recommend:

                • 12 cores
                • 16 Gigs of RAM
                • and a two machine setup


                What I haven't been able to confirm is if these hardware requirements apply both the worker and the master. It looks like a server with 12 core / 16 Gigs of RAM is about $500 per month (at Atlantic.net) so resolving the requirements for both computers is not a small matter.

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                  Again: impossible to say what server specs you need without for both the machines knowing *a lot* about your solution.  Will you have non-webd users?  Do you have a current baseline of the FMS stats log?

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                    We have had no speed issues with up to 40 simultaneous users. 6 cores, 16GB RAM, single Mac Pro on 100 down x 25 up cable.


                    Main menu with dashboard, list views, detail views, attachments, 100,000s of rows in most primary tables, 1M in a couple, three main programs, etc. We carefully constructed layouts and found sets when WD first arrived -- it was very necessary for 40 users at that time, but with the latest WD our users have not complained unless their own internet access was slow (some users are in very remote locations with limited access.)


                    We could only guess but we think our current configuration would handle 10+ more since we have yet to see speed degradation, even when everyone piles in on Friday morning to complete reports. Never have we had a time when the server was choking on processes.


                    Again, we crafted it for WD (earlier version when it was very necessary,) so as with everything FileMaker YMMV.



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                      Hi Scott,

                      Thank you for sharing your WD experience. Interesting that you are getting that many users on one server. The FM15 Server specs recommend two machines for that number of users. Perhaps the fact you planned it for WebDirect from the start speaks to the efficiency of your design.



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                        We do think the design is a big part of it, but visually it's pretty pleasing IMHO. We have a dashboard that they return to often during work sessions, but many of the numbers used for the pie charts and quick links are set server-side. We also used button bars with pop-overs with links to the most common searches they would be performing. The goal was to get them to their records, have them work with them, then get them out as fast as possible.


                        Since we were early adopters of WD it did help with the design. We have 10 users on FMP and up to 45 WD, and the 10 FMP are the managers.


                        We thought that the recommended specs were a bit much, and had the same question a year ago. I'd say that the recommendations are a CYA for FileMaker since there are solutions that would buckle with 40 users, of course. Our only problems are with monitoring the PDF robot which is running on the server itself. Besides watching for robot issues, no speed problems to report.


                        I wish I could help you with a test with 80 users, but all I can offer is our current status and what happens when we migrate to Cloud this summer, but still with 40-45 simultaneous users.