Automatic filter records by various fields

Discussion created by Wicktor on Jan 29, 2017
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to reproduce a situation similar to many web site but without using a web viewer: I wish to filter records based on 4 (or more) different variables chosen by the user.


For example the 4 fields (dropdown lists or radio buttons  each with a different value list) would give a list of values.

Field_A: Gender (M or F)

Field_B: Location (list of locations)

Field_C: Age Group ( list of age groups)

Field_D: Sport (list of sports)

By choosing one or more options from the above, the list of records should be automatically updated.

For example, selecting Genfer = "M" and Age Group = "15-20" the list of records would be automatically filtered by those parameters, then selecting also Sports = "Volley" the list would be even more restricted.


Thanks for any advice,