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Discussion created by J_File on Jan 28, 2017
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Hi all,


Just want to pick your brains on the best way to display company logos in FileMaker 15. By best way, I suppose I am thinking from both a minimising file size and speed of page loading. There are 3 types of logo I want to see on each page.


1. My company logo at the bottom of the page.

2. My customer's logo at the top of the page, and

3. My customer's client logo on the pages which relate to them. i.e. if you are on a client details page for Acme Inc. you would see their logo appear on the page, if it was Aadvark inc. you would see their logo.


For my logo, which will never change, I originally just inserted my logo as a picture as you would in a word document, but when I moved the location of that picture, and I noticed the broken links, I also noticed my file size had halved! I assume I should be using a container field instead, but I assume then I would have to have a relationship to this for all table occurrences. If I do this, should I embed it in the solution, or externally?


Thanks for your help.