syncing parent/child records options

Discussion created by ericjlindholm on Jan 29, 2017
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I am optimizing my sync scripts that update all child records.


I am testing a large sync script that runs on the server and is triggered by any major edits to a parent record.

while looping through the child records:


do you prefer to script a list of Set Field As


auto enter calc with a Let([x = GetField("")];  ). to trigger the updates when record is modified.  I would just set a field child::updateTrig to 1 to trigger the re-evaluation of all the auto calc of child records that need to remain synced but can't be calculations. 


basic example.  I want a text field (eventItems::eventName) that contains the current value of a field in the parent record event::name. 


In theory, I do not need to update these fields while editing the child records because the values would not change unless I edit the parent record so maybe I am adding a lot of overhead while make edits to the child records with the Let option.  but if I am updating eventItem::eventName when I call this script for any other edits, I would be adding the overhead to the update script.