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    Technical sheet menu (food)


      Please apologies fior my english


      I want to make technical menu item sheets on FMpro.


      I have a tabel with: (technische fiche)

      Name dish

      Articles 1 ... 30 ...Those are made in the second layout




      I Have a second tabel  (articles)  with the fields





      How can i put the unity and price aside the articles...


      Difficult to explain , prbably very easy to do...Schermafdruk 2017-01-30 13.42.19.pngSchermafdruk 2017-01-30 13.42.27.pngSchermafdruk 2017-01-30 13.42.37.pngSchermafdruk 2017-01-30 13.44.33.png

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