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Need help with Starter Solutions - Event Man.

Question asked by kladda on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by kladda

Hi! I'm kind of a noob on FM but i've managed to get by and create some, for me, useful solutions

Now however, i'm stuck. we're planning a wedding for a friend and we would like to use the starter solution Event Management. It fills almost all our need's except one: We would like to add a kind of notebook.

When i add a menu button i can't make that button to show a layout. There is a script handling the switching between layouts and i can't find out how to add my notebook to it.

I can't paste the script here because it's in swedish on my computer, but it has to do with Get (Scriptparameter) Have a look in FM on your language I't might be called something like "Slidepanelnavigation"
When i debug the script i see that every button gives a parameter back to the script and it "navigates". Somehow it don't seem to be to different layouts, more show/hide elements.

I'm i way off?

The notebook it self will be basic, and i think i can figure that one out. Titel, author, date created, date edited and text.