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    Is there a Filemaker solutions exchange?


      Is there a website where people share and download Filemaker solutions for free?  Just seems like a lot of people wouldn't mind sharing their files, but I can't find anything on the net?  If not, is there any reason why not?  Is it possible to make a malicious database that could work like a virus or something?



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          FileMaker Inc hosts the Made for FileMaker web site of templates, most of which are commercial.  And there are the templates FM gives away as starter apps.  There used to be CDs of pretty bad templates and stuff and other junk, but I rarely want to start from them.  The best templates are rarely free and that is why they are sold.  Or else they are free because they are marketing for their custom development work like FM Starting point from RCC (which actually is a nice starting template for many business solutions).  But I have never found a source of a lot of free FM templates that I would ever want to start working from.  Now there are some custom themes that are worth it that things like ISO Magazine put out.


          All solutions have the ability to be malicious, especially if you have a plugin with it that can touch the OS (and such plugins can be saved in container fields and installed via a malicious script) or the solution can just have a virus in a container field and export it to your OS.  You really do have to take responsibility for security and knowing the FM security model is important.

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            Thanks Taylor.  I have a few nice solutions I've made and felt like sharing.  I was thinking of making a website and offer my files and others for free.  But, I would hate to test out files sent to me and compromise the security of my computer and others as well.

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              If you are providing the files and you did not insert malicious functions, then you would not have to worry about templates on your web site.  It would be up to other people to trust your integrity that you do not have templates with problems.  Personally, I do not worry about templates because I open them with the Debugger on and first check the start up script and security.  If I don't have [Full Access] and do not know and trust the author, then I won't open it for putting on a server.  I may play around with it on my development machine.  But for a template to be any use, you'll need [Full Access] and that will let you see what is going on as far as debugging and security. 


              If you think your templates are good vertical solutions, you could submit them to FileMaker Inc. for the "Made for FileMaker" web site and offer them as free there.  FileMaker would have to review them before approving them and you have to have them up to their standards to be accepted. 


              And you can post templates here and tell about them or share them with users group like www.fmpug.com. 


              These discussions are a great place to talk about a template you've worked on to compare with others and get comments about it. 

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                As an aside, there's a Product Idea for just such a repository within FileMaker itself here, if you're interested: Community Solutions & Elements Library

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                  Don Clark has a repository of FileMaker example files on FileMaker Pro Gurus.  It is the first post on the left (using a desktop).

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                    Thanks everyone.  I'll be posting.

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                      A concern about the safety of a file is a realistic concern as these days nothing is safe...


                      FileMaker is playing ketchup with its security since it began as a wide open file at a time when there was almost no connectivity with other computers and it added things like AppleScript connections...


                      The things that make it a problem are the ability to get a list of all of your documents, put one or all into container fields, email them, etc. Then there is the ability to run the number one internet problem Java. I raised the issue after reading the first ad about how hackers would use this and was booed down. Fast forward to today... 


                      In other words, FileMaker and other dbs and software put in the hands of anyone the ability to read/write, delete, creat, etc. files on your computer. I found that one new client was emailing his new prescriptions to the former developer. Probably for testing of the script?


                      Simply put, there is no reason to have absolute faith that the FileMaker file is safe. Free files are probably less safe.


                      The Apple Store, etc. is filled with FREE files where your address book is the price of admission.


                      Business wanted the ability to snoop on their employees to see what their computers were being used for and to make sure nothing malicious was happening. Fair enough. I think, perhaps incorrectly, that they have full rights to anything that happens on their computer on their network etc. So, FileMaker added the ability to read the documents folder easily. Before it required a small amount of expertise with third party software.


                      Like mentioned above, before using a free file you should scan the scripts, calculations, etc. just to be sure.


                      I have a script that saves a copy of the current file, puts that into a container and allows a client to download the file to their computer/device. I use it for putting a copy on my iphone. It is quite noticeable for a gigabyte filemaker file but hardly noticeable for a 1 meg word file.