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University Campus-wide database development

Question asked by hisham on Jan 30, 2017
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I'm newbies in Filemaker development.. I used to developed for stand alone database applications.


Last week, I received a request from a local University to propose a prototype for a new faculty being set-up. The prototype should consists of the database for Students Registration, Academics, Students Affairs, R&D, Entrepreneurship, Management&Administration, Human Resources and Finance Department. It seems a very wide coverage.. Campus-wide.. The outcome output should be in Infographics Data Visualization and Mobile Apps. 


I used the web-based PHP, My-SqL before for this kind of development. This time.. I plan to propose a prototype and the solution using the Filemaker..

However, I keep thinking... Could I do the same with Filemaker for this campus-wide development? What are the requirements? Pricing? Could anyone I can contact directly for consultation.. I could not find any one locally yet for technical consultation..


Pls suggest.. Thank you.